Easiest ECommerce WordPress Theme

Market Theme for WordPressThe Market Theme is a ready made WordPress theme with shopping cart functions for a small merchant or affiliate marketing website. This WordPress theme for ecommerce will suit merchants with a small number of products; if you are a small merchant looking for an out-of-the-box, snazzy looking theme with basic shopping cart abilities at a low price, the Market Theme is perfect.

I want to point out that the Market Theme’s good looks really impressed me. When I look at the ‘Client Sites’ or ‘Gallery’ section of many WordPress Themes for ECommerce websites, I sometimes notice that although their original themes may look great, their client sites look not-so-great. That signals that it may be difficult for beginners. On the Market Theme Gallery page, their client sites, basically made by newbies, look attractive and polished.

I tried out the demo on the Market Theme website to see how the Market Theme WordPress dashboard looks, and it too was nice. It was simple and easy to use, and not as complicated as some of the others that I have reviewed. It was another good point when keeping beginners in mind.

The Market Theme has a lot of eCommerce features to accommodate merchants including a number of payment gateways, offline processing options, product attributes and much more. You can ask any pre-sales questions that you may have on the Market Theme support forum. On the support forum, I read through some of the questions from users and I loved the thorough responses from the Market Theme Support Team. They answered with very clear and helpful explanations. Several beginners who had questions said that the theme was easy for them to use.

You get several theme designs with the Market Theme, and they are very customizable. This theme is only $55 (one time fee) and you get free lifetime updates and support. It even has a 60-day money back guarantee. See more about the Market Theme here.


Contest Software Boosts Website Traffic & Increases Sales

Contest Software Can Boost Your Website Traffic & Increase Your Sales

Holding a Contest on the InternetContests are great traffic magnets because they can lure a lot of new customers to your website. People who sign up for them are thinking about winning a contest, not necessarily about buying your products at the time. Contests are a powerful way to grab the attention of new people.

Contests are very profitable lead generators too. They will provide you a huge list of email addresses of those who are interested in your product or service in some way.

How Difficult Is It to Hold Contests on the Web?

At first, holding a contest might sound easy. However, most people would draw a blank if they attempted the project on the internet. Do you have any immediate contest ideas? A successful contest does require some thinking, organizing, and knowing where to promote it all over the internet. On second thought, how to hold a contest on the internet sounds rather difficult to me.

Professional Contest Software

ContestDomination is professional contest software that has everything you need to hold contests on the internet. It is independent of the type of hosting you have because it is a monthly subscription service. (Although it is a subscription, you will not be locked into anything long term.) ContestDomination has a free version which has a handful of features in itself, but you will most likely want the real McCoy. ContestDomination comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Contest Burner is also a good contest software with all the key features you need for running contests. Contest Burner is a WordPress plugin. The nice thing about Contest Burner is that it is sold as a one-time license fee; pay for it and own it forever, without any monthly fees. Contest Burner can give you some hot contest ideas. The wizards walk you through creating any contest in a matter of minutes, right in your WordPress dashboard. Contest Burner comes with a 60 day money back guarantee as well.

Contest software looks like it can be a lot of fun, getting people to tell their friends, who tell their friends, and so on…. Contest Domination and Contest Burner were created by contest and marketing experts, and they go beyond just the contest creation; they will attract Twitter and Facebook followers and do even more. Using this software looks like a great way to get visitors to swarm to your website like honey.

uBuildApp - build you own app for $279

More Contest Ideas for Your Website

Other than using software to hold contests, you can also hold a “Buy the Most Wins” monthly contest for your website customers. Announce that winners will get their entire purchase refunded. This will drive your competitive customers to compete to get all of their purchases for free.

You can also have the kind of contest that lures visitors to return to your website every day to put in an entry to win a prize. (Like on the HGTV network, where people can put in a daily entry for a drawing to win a house.)

For any contest, broadcast everywhere that you will announce the winner on the front page of your website, on a 1st of a month. On the 1st of whichever month then, you could expect a lot of traffic to that page. And the 1st is a good date because people always have money at the beginning of the month; you can have a big sale ready for when visitors come to see who won the contest.